The 5 Strangest Tees On Etsy*

There are no barriers to entry or rules for selling "crafts" on Etsy, which leads to quite a lot of interesting products for sale.  I searched Etsy for "funny tees", and after scrolling through hundreds (thousands?) of results, I present The 5 Strangest Tees on Etsy:

#5 Celine Dion Metal Shirt

This first tee is actually pretty decent.  None of the rest are.

#4 Alpakakaka

There's a lot happening in this shirt.  There's the amazing pun, but what really makes this shirt special is the giant arrow pointing to a weird billiard ball arrangement of.. white alpaca shit?  

#4 Claws

Put a sloth on it!  Put one on every possible thing.  Everyone knows sloths are hilarious.

#3 Your Wife, My Wife

Your wife is the symbol for a women's restroom.  My wife?  My wife is a disfigured cat lady.

#1 Funny Mask Design t-shirt

OK so I lied when I said none of the rest of the shirts were decent.  This is the best covid-19 shirt (and there are A LOT) you can buy.

BONUS SHIRT Catch More Flies With Honey

I'm always telling my dang woman to catch more flies.


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*not actually the 5 strangest tees on Etsy.  Void where prohibited.